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Friday, December 20, 2013


Before you decide to close this browser cuz it's just yet another advertorial, I really hope that you would stay on and continue reading! What's more, I'll be holding yet another GIVEAWAY c/o of FIT TO WIN :)


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Singapore’s First Social Weight Loss Challenge, Fit To Win (FTW) debuts In 2014

Fit To Win is Singapore’s first social weight loss challenge where participants lose weight and get fit via a revolutionary betting and competition system!

The concept is simple. Players begin by placing a bet of SGD$20 into a general money pot. Everyone who loses 5% or more of their starting weight over the course of eight weeks gets to split the pot equally. In addition, the top three players who loses the highest percentage of their starting weight will be further rewarded with prizes worth up to SGD$3000!

On top of providing a platform for like-minded Singaporeans to lose weight together, Fit To Win goes further by offering every player a fully sponsored eight-week fitness program to help them reach their goals. Thus, every Fit To Win player will be entitled to free fitness classes, such as Zumba, Bokwa, Kickboxing, Pilates, Muay Thai and more, conducted by Fit To Win’s fitness partners.

With the rising trend of obesity in Singapore, Fit To Win aims to introduce an entirely new way for Singaporeans to lose weight and get fit. It is a challenge that requires commitment and discipline, but at the same time, extremely fun and rewarding. Most importantly, Fit To Win provides positive reinforcement for all its participants in the form of a friendly community that will offer support and motivation every step along the way in order to reach a common goal. 

*Things to note*
1) On top of the $20 bet, there will be a registration fee of $5, which includes FTW membership card and FTW Tshirt. (Total $25)
2) 8 week program will be from 20 JAN - 16 MAR.
3) Each participant will be given 24 class credits, which they are to free to use on any fitness classes throughout the 8 weeks. 1 fitness class = 1 class credit. The full class schedule will be up on our website on 15 Dec. 
**early bird special where participants who register and pay by 31st December 2013 will be entitled to 30 class credits (usual: 24)**

4) Other than fitness classes, FTW will also offer exclusive deals on recreational activities such as rock climbing, laser tag and more. More details will be released at a later date. 
5) The FTW Final Weigh In will be held at Fort Canning Green on 16 March 2014. There will be taking of the final weight of the participants, followed by a mass workout session and prize ceremony.
6) Sponsored participant will not be eligible to split the pot and grand prizes.

FTW_How it Works

Christmas is around the corner and it is also the season of giving!
Therefore, I am holding a GIVEAWAY c/o of FTW to extend it out to ONE lucky reader! You will be entitled to all fitness classes for the 8 weeks!

All you have to do is to:
1) Leave a comment (with your email address) why you would like to win this giveaway (is it cuz of obesity/health issues/want to try out new exercises/new goal in 2014?)
2) Like FTW FB Page.
3) Follow FTW on Instagram (@ftwsg)

Contest ends on 26th December 2013, so good luck!!! :D

Honestly I think it is damn easy to lose 5% of your original weight (say you're 50kg, all you need is to lose 2.5kg and you get to split the pot equally!! :D) And I am also quite excited about it cuz personally, I haven't tried Muay Thai and Kick Boxing before!! ^_^ So quick... go sign up and maybe we'll see each other there?? I still haven't shed my 5kg away LOL so that shall be my goal!!
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FTW Instagram: @ftwsg



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I guess best friends read each other's minds... It's such a coincidence that all 3 of us were decked in Grey


Everything is just so damn pretty and everywhere is PINKKKK in colour omg it's heaven!! Hehehe

Well, school was boring as usual but I am a happy me today cuz there's no school next week!! *jumps*!! I think UOL students are the only poor souls who don't get any December breaks... :( Met the girls to shop in town before having the famous BKT at Outram. Well it was my first time and honestly, it didn't wow me. I prefer those herbal BKT than the peppery kind la so yupp. Also... it's been 4 days since I saw Jj and I am so love sick.............. hahaha so embarrassing to be saying this.

But I haven't had a proper birthday celebration with Jj yet. We spent most of the time on his birthday sleeping cuz it was right after Zoukout, and had dinner with his parents at this Chinese restaurant just behind Coastal Settlement. And then right after that on Monday morning, HE BOOKED IN FOR RESERVIST! *stabs*
But okokokok it's Friday and I am so happy he's gonna be out!!!

Catch you guys soon ok?


  1. Hi shenny,
    Merry Christmas!!
    Hope you have a prosperous year ahead!
    I enjoy reading your blog!!!

    1. Hi Kyra!
      An advanced Merry Christmas to you too and Happy New Year!! Also, thank you for reading my blog hehe big love to you!! :)

  2. Hey Shenny, I wanna win this! Have been eating too much (not that I am complaining) but this is a good platform to kick some exercise into my life. (:
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Shenny! I would like to win this for my boyfriend because whenever we go out for dates, we will just eat and eat (i'm sure you know it too right haha!) but the thing is i can't gain weight no matter how much i eat but he does (just like any normal person). So I can tell that he has been feeling a tad upset about growing vertically. He does try to go exercise and all but I'm too lazy so we usually don't :/ So I hope to win this for him so that it would be a pleasant surprise for him after this Xmas feasting season and he would regain a bit of his self confidence (and muscular bod :P) too! :D