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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

USS Halloween Horror Nights 3!

It's the month of October and it is also the month to celebrate HALLOWEEEEEEN!!
So last Saturday, I made my way down to USS Halloween Horror Nights 3 for my 1st Halloween celebration this year! It was also my 2nd time experiencing HHN and Jj's 3rd time. Lol! (Pssttt/ Thank you Cineleisure for the tickets!)


Took my G12 out to play instead since taking in&out the camera lens cap for my Olympus cam gonna be very troublesome~


It's 3 times the fear this year as Singapore's most terrifying event returns at Universal Studios Singapore - featuring the Sisters of Evil, who have forged an evil pact to trap unsuspecting victims.

Event runs for 10 nights (11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31 Oct and 1-3 Nov)
Extended Hours: 7pm - 1am
6 haunted attractions - 3 haunted houses and 3 scare zones.
Price: $68 (or simply flash your student pass & get your tickets at $50 from the roadshow at Cineleisure!)
Rides are opened at night too such as Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy & more!

The 3 evil sisters!

Finally entered the scare zone areas...


Omg this shot is seriously kinda scary!!!!


IMG_0075 IMG_0074


The scare zones wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be.. perhaps I was in a huge group that's why!
And they also tend to scare the vulnerable girls more than the guys which is sooo annoying!! :[



The only ride Jj and I sat for the night was Transformers!

IMG_0084 IMG_0085


IMG_0091 IMG_0116

AND FINALLY!! Our 1st haunted house!!!
I think this was probably the scariest of all?? Or maybe cuz this was the 1st haunted house we entered. Hahha
Anyway since I have been to HHN2 before last year.. I guess the haunted houses and the way the ghosts scare you is kinda predictable?? Like you'll roughly know when they'll pop out, especially when you are around the corners~ There will definitely be something hiding behind the corners/cupboards etc!!

WIth some of the CNOS bloggers and our +1!

2nd Haunted House!

Btw, I really highly recommend those who are intending to go to opt for the EXPRESS PASS tickets!
The standard waiting time for the haunted house was approx 2.5hrs VS 10-20mins wait if u have the express pass!

Also.. I kinda prefer the haunted houses this year cuz the walking time to finish the house took longer than last year! So it kinda makes the waiting time to enter the house more worth it in a sense?? Hehe



Won't divulge much~ Just head down to experience it yourself okay?? :D

IMG_0106 IMG_0113
Angie and Don!

And to my favourite place in USS~ Far Far Away!

IMG_0111 IMG_0112

The 3rd haunted was Adrift which is the 2 storey haunted house if I remembered correctly!
It's the first haunted house you will see once u enter USS!

One last group shot together before we went our separate ways~

By the time we finished all 3 haunted houses, 3 scare zones and 1 transformers ride, it was already 11pm.
I was super tired and didn't want to sit the other rides (since I have sat it multiple times before!) so Jj and I just roamed around.. took some pictures before leaving!



IMG_0121 IMG_0126



Ending this post with a picture with the 3 Evil Sisters! 
How can I not take one with them!?!

Definitely not an event to be missed, especially for the fun-loving, thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies and horror film buffs!

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