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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bobbi Brown's Old Hollywood Collection/Halloween Horror Nights 3

Last Sunday, Frans and I were both invited to attend a preview of Bobbi Brown's Old Hollywood Collection!
The best boyfriend picked Frans and I up and sent us to Ngee Ann City for the event!^^ 
Anyway.. you know girls being girls right.. we take FOREVER to doll ourselves up!!
So we were late and we kinda missed the 'glamour' of walking the red carpet.
I mean we did walk the red carpet... but yknow no cameras were on us and yada since the show had started. Lol


And all the pretty Mummy Models started doing their runway walk!! I can't believe that ALL of them are >40 years old?? 
HOT MAMAs. I want to have such figure too even when I am old please!!


This model is my favourite!!
If I remembered correctly.. I think she's already 45years old and a mother of 2 kids?? Omgggg



With Angela who is the founder of laceandebony!!

Then there was a makeup demonstration by Bobbi Brown Trainer, Sophion Loh!

Yup and the event ended.. so we went around taking pictures before leaving~
With Frans and Tricia!
Tricia is a blog reader of mine, so cute lor when she came over shyly to ask for a photo. Omg I was so shy too!! Hehe

Elaine, Frans, Me, Angela, Fiona and Peiling!


And I spotted Hossan Leong too! His pose damn cute la!!

P1010061 P1010068

P1010069 P1010052
Fiona and Elaine ^^

And one last photo before we went our separate ways~

Went home happily with this Bobbi Brown Gift Box!

And the makeup products given to us by Bobbi Brown!
1 blusher, 3 eyeshadows, 1 gel eyeliner, 1 lip gloss and 2 lipsticks!! Super loving it please!

And my favourite product???
Old readers of mine should know that I have always been a fan of Bobbi Brown lipsticks since years ago.. because its the only lipstick that doesn't irritate my lips since I have sensitive lips!
P1010097On the left is a Creamy Matte Lip Colour (#1 Red Carpet) and on the right is the classic lipstick #2 Old Hollywood.
I have been using the lipstick kind (right side) for years in colour Coral and Bikini Pink and they have always been my all time favourites!! I have never tried like red lipstick before cuz I think it looks quite harsh and kinda not suitable for normal everyday looks... so I guess this would be a great addition to my lipstick family! Finally something different!

And my next favourite would be this Shimmery bronze eyeshadow! I love anything shimmery and glittery! ^^

Couldn't wait to try the new lip colours out so here I am in the Creamy Matte Lip Colour #1 Old Carpet!
How's that for a change? Hehehe
I love the texture of the creamy matte lipstick. It kinda feels like a LIP-STAIN? 
No matter how I tried to wipe it away.. the colour was 'stuck' onto my lips!! Super love! Think I am gonna check out the other colours for this creamy matte lipstick!! hehehe

This red lipstick kinda suits for the upcoming HALLOWEEN!! Hehe
Thank you Bobbi Brown for the invite and for the awesome makeup goodies!! :)




Speaking about... HALLOWEEN~
Do you know that there is a 'demo' haunted house in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard which is like a preview of the Universal Studio Halloween Horror Nights 3???!! It's located right on level B1, beside Frolick and BFF! You can't miss it!!
There!! It's so prominent.. and the best part? It's free to enter!! Lol
Challenge yourself and see if you  can survive this preview of the haunted houses for HHN3!

I had the chance to walk through it myself and I would say it is actually VERY OKAY. Unlike HHN3 where 'human ghosts' are everywhere to scare you.. this doesn't have anything like that. But the SOUND EFFECT and the decorations inside are somehow similar!! And we all know sound effects are the worst.. they add up to your anxiety and make you panic more than ever!!
Here's how it looks like inside the demo haunted house~




I'll be there at UNIVERSAL STUDIO HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 3, THIS SATURDAY (12/10/2013) so catch me there if you are there as well !! I am actually very excited for it.. one of the Cine staff told me that there will be a 2 storey haunted house so meaning the 'human ghosts' would be able to scare you from LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN. Creepy please!!! 

Student tickets are only going at $50!! 
Very reasonable given that you'll be able to enter the haunted houses PLUS you get to sit the rides too!! ^^

For more information on prices/dates/timings etc, please visit:
(wah even the website has the scary sound effect!! Don't say I never warn!)

* * *
So after the Bobbi Brown event and after visiting the demo haunted house in Cine... Jj and I popped by the new NENE CHICKEN located in Scape! We used to eat this before/after school in the past at the Buona Vista outlet.. so I'm happy there's a new outlet in town now! So much more convenient ^^
Sigh the original flavour is still so disappointing.. NO WHERE near the authentic Korean Fried Chicken in Korea! However, the Swicy Flavour was good! :)

P1010087 P1010086

After eating, we caught the movie 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs' and it was just so.... MEHHHH :( The evil scientist just got killed so abruptly lor I was like huhhh?? And the whole movie ended so fast!! Luckily it was free tickets else I'll heart pain man. Weekend tickets are getting so expensive nowadays!!

And well well.. this wonderful Sunday was even made better because I was wearing such a pretty flowery top!!
Top: Holla Florals Cold Shoulder Top in Green Florals
kindly sponsored by NEONMELLO !


This top is sooooooooo pretty!! It's in my ever favourite 'off shoulder' design and whatsmore, its in florals!! All the goodness combined in one. Hahaha. Made of a uber comfy Chiffon material which is so soft and nice to touch! It is also very versatile.. you can choose to tuck it out like me, or simply pair it with a high waist shorts and tuck it in! Either way, you'll definitely look chic ;) WHAT'S MORE... You'll definitely not find this design anywhere else because it is exclusively manufactured by Neonmello! Yay!

P1010080 P1010083



Instragram: @neonmello

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!
Just one more day and we'll be embracing the weekends again whoohoooo^^

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