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Monday, August 26, 2013

My Monthly Dose of Treatment Goodness!

As you guys know, I dyed my hair into this super awesome shade of Ash-Brown/Green last month which required me to bleach my hair twice.. and bleaching can be very damaging for our hair! So last Thursday, I fixed an appointment with my very trusty Hair Salon - I*CON SHUNJI MATSUO by Lily Xu to have my monthly dose of heavenly treatment goodness!
My Ash-Brown/Green which had since faded to blonde!

This time round, Lily decided to do the NP 3.1 Neo Process Treatment for me!

3 steps treatment process!

Doing treatment at least once a month is highly recommended, especially since our hair is always subjected to heat styling, chemical-laden products and dyeing. Our hair can also be easily damaged just from our weekly swim or by being out in the sun unprotected.. so a regular dose of such intensive treatment is a MUST.

After the 3 Steps Treatment Process...
My hair was all smooth, less frizzy and much more manageable than before!!
Lily also curled my hair for me in like LESS THAN 5 MINS?? Ohgod I don't know how she did it!! Wished I could curl my hair like this everyday myself, in 5 minutes too lol. #missionimpossible


Oh btw another super exciting news I want to share with you guys!!
A few months back when I first attended Shunji Matsuo Blogger Event, Mr Shunji-san briefed to us about the latest trends in Japan which includes having an All-Rounded Beauty Salon, where you could fix your hair and do your manicure/pedicure etc all together at once!

And now... I am so happy to announce that I*CON SHUNJI MATSUO by Lily Xu is EXPANDING!! They'll be providing nail services now as well so I am really so excited for them! Can't wait for my next visit when the whole shop would be ready! Lily also showed me this whole new range of Shiseido Colour Dyes... AND OMG THEY ARE SO AWESOMEEEE. My eyes were literally drooling while flipping through the colour charts!!
You really gotta head down to try out the new Shiseido Colours yourself! :D

Me on the next day with still pretty curled hair!!

Thank you I*CON SHUNJI MATSUO by Lily Xu! 
Far East Plaza #01-35
14 Scotts Road (S) 228213
6737 5311

Don't forget that there's still a 20% discount off chemical treatments going on now till 31st August 2013!
QUICKKK!! A few days left before this super awesome promotion ends!!

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