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Sunday, May 26, 2013


HI GUYS!! Greetings from Tokyo! 

This much anticipated holiday was kinda ruined at the moment we landed... because MY LUGGAGE WENT MISSING. We waited at the conveyor until everyone took their lugagges la and mine was still missing :'( And the airport staff told me perhaps my luggage was still in Singapore. I NEARLY CRIED. I felt so lost without my luggage. I had no clothes/shoes/daily necessities and all my eyeshadow/eyelashes (to make me look more jap la!!) and I was just in a romper, cardigan and slippers. *slaps forehead*

Thankfully, my luggage came earlier this afternoon so finally I HAVE MY CLOTHES and also, I can upload pics into my laptop!! For now, let's just make do with a few instagram shots ^^

Jj's sister did my nails for me before I left. She's so great in such nailart she should totally set up a home-nail-salon!

Taken before our flight at 1am. Shagged faces of my travel buddies and I.

Because my luggage exceeded in weight, I took out some stuff including this 1 blazer and 2 shorts. BLESSING IN DISGUISE MAN. So I had this blazer with me to beat the cold on Day 1 in Shinjuku! And  then the rest of the day was spent trying to search for outfits to wear on Day 2!

Day 2!

We went to Shibuya!! And a mandatory shot with Hachiko, the loyal dog!! It was kinda hot in the afternoon yesterday!

And evening time... finally it was cold so I could put on my outer wear!

Day 3 (today)!
The day my beloved luggage arrived :D It was the best day ever because my clothes, shoes, money and everything were still intact inside :D Yes... everyone were scolding how dumb I was to keep 3/4 of my money inside the luggage lol.

We went to Harajuku!
Meiji Shrine!
Couple wear in Stripes and NB shoes!! ^^

Harajuku Street!
And Harajuku has the BEST CREPES EVER. It was so good I went back twice just to eat it again!

And neoprints taken at Harajuku!! Funny how the machine auto shrank our faces and enlarged our eyes!! LOOK AT JJ'S EYES LA... BAHAHAHAH damn funny!!! And the machine also asked us to input our names but it was all in Jap characters?? We didn't know what to write so we anyhow clicked. And my name was called SESOMI while Jj's FUHEME. Lol friggin funny la!

Okay needa sleep now because it's DISNEYSEA tomorrow!! Not a fan of rides but I am still excited because I am gonna get Duffy, Sheilla May and take tons & tons of pictures!!! :D


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