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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Shortlisted for CNOS2

Hi guys!!

Just a quick update here and that is... I got chosen for the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation V2.0!! Hahaha kinda came off as a surprise because honestly, I wasn't expecting much! So nowww I am feeling a lil stress because the challenges are indeed really challenging. Challenge 1 was finally revealed yesterday and it's a NomNom Challenge! And we need to do a vlog for it??? Save meeee. I've seen the blogs of the other shortlisted contestants and some of them can really edit their videos really well... *FACE PALM*

Besides, I'm taking part in another fashion cum weekly blogger contest for the next 3weeks! I'll need votes online and you will be happy to know that after you have casted ur vote (FOR ME AH!!), you are actually entitled to a 10% discount off your bookings!! ISN'T IT AWESOME?! So when the time comes... please please vote for me!! :) The prizes to be won are soooo attractive omg!! There will be a total of 4 prizes including the Grand Prize which is a sponsored trip to Bali for 2. 

And lastly, I still have my STUDIES. I am so stressed yknow. Afterall it's still my main priority!! Gotta manage my time really well during the month of March! Actually I kinda feel like I'm running out of time already so I gave up going to a blog event today - a food trail at Bugis+ which is a non stop feasting event from 11-4pm at almost all the restaurants in Bugis+. :( I feel so bad... but okay. STUDY NOW!

Till then!! :)

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