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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

NeNe Chicken

I feel so frustrated recently especially when it comes to FOOD. Is it me or is Singapore running out of food places to eat?? Especially in the east area la, it's damn sian. Like Jj and I would always end up stopping the car somewhere then stone inside while thinking where to eat or we'll end up driving aimlessly and see where it brings us to. Grrrr

Anyway, some time ago before heading to school, we were troubled over the usual thing - WHERE SHOULD WE EAT? I hate eating in school because honestly, school food sucks. And the only stall I always used to frequent closed down :'( Then I recalled coming across this article on internet talking about KFC in Singapore, not the Kentucky Fried Chicken but KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN. Since the place was super near school, I just had to give it a try!!
The Star Vista

The place is called Nene Chicken!
I KNOW RIGHT... It sounds damn cheesy!! "NeNe".. haha but it actually means YesYes in Korean!

If you remembered from my Korea blog posts... you would know that I am a HUGE FAN of Korean Fried Chicken, and I was (& still am!!) really super pissed with myself that I only tried their fried chicken on my 2nd last day in Seoul.. :'( It was lucky that I returned to dorm super late that night so almost all eateries were closed except for the fried chicken stalls.. otherwise I would not even have the chance to try it!! And can you imagine.. the stall was at some super ulu back alley behind my hostel and it already tastes so good!! 
It was the BEST BEST BESTTTT fried chicken I ever ate in my entire life. One bite of it and it makes me feel like crying... like how can a fried chicken tastes this goooood!! Somemore only SGD$10 for an entire chicken with refillable side dishes and freeflow water!!
(pic taken in Korea)
Nomznomz I wished I could have some of it now..

Kk back to Nene Chicken!!

So after ordering, you'll have to wait about 10mins or so for them to fry the chicken!
So you can expect your chicken to be hot and crispy! Meanwhile you can camwhore~

Cutie interior but very limited seats

We ordered the combo meant for 3-4pax ($22.50) but the 2 of us finished everything with still space in our stomachs!!
I guess the portion was quite small? Or maybe I have a humongous appetite as usual.

We had the Swicy Chicken and Original Fried Chicken!
Swicy Chicken is kinda like the classic chicken which you can find almost everywhere in Korea. They are sweet and mild-spicy and usually comes with Mustard sauce (in Korea but not here!!) I think the Swicy chicken was the bombzxz. So shioookkk I'll never get enough of the sauce!! Wished it was a little bit more spicy!!

The fried chicken on the other hand was.... I don't know what to say? It was good la but compared to the ones I had in Korea, then I would say it's mehh. I had higher expectations of it. But if you eat it with the mustard sauce it'd tastes so much better!

IMG_0327 IMG_0319

IMG_0328 IMG_0325



Oh and something really awesome..
GLOVES ARE PROVIDED. So you'll never have oily and sticky fingers after eating!!
That aside, I really had the temptation to remove the gloves a couple of times because I love licking my fingers after eating. Yknow like lick the sauce.. or whatever that's stuck on your finger. Haha so gross

I wanna visit this place again, esp since it's so near school and try the others like Bulgogi flavoured chicken (so interesting cuz usually Bulgogi is for beef) and maybe the Black Sesame Chicken!! :D

Nene Chicken
1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #01-24

Seeya!! ;)

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