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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adv: Keri et Sol

Aloha! Today I'm gonna introduce y'guys to a new online accessories store!
"Keri et Sol is more than an online fashion accessories store. It stands as a testimony to our love for fashion, shopping and accessories. It is simply amazing how different accessories can change the entire look and feel of an outfit. Despite an overflowing wardrobe, there is always room for more accessories to add versatility to our wardrobe."

I was sponsored 2 SUPER CHIC accessories by Keri et Sol!
Angel Crystal Tear Necklace and Big Eyed Owl Bangle


This statement necklace will definitely add instant glam into your whole outfit! I think it makes me look kinda ATAS/elegance?!
And it also makes my entire outfit less boring isn't it? Just imagine my outfit without the necklace... 
The quality of this necklace is pretty good too, not those shabby kind. And it's so unique! As of now, I have never come across this necklace at any online/bugis/fep stores!

I am also IN LOVE with this Big Eyed Owl Bangle!!!
My eyes were instantly hooked onto this bangle when I first visited their website, and I was praying so hard that they gonna sponsor me this hahaha. But turned out they wanted to give me another necklace, so I requested for an exchange to this bangle instead!! It's damn cute right! I've been wearing this bangle everytime I go out recently!! :D


They also have many others accessories for you to choose from! I'm sure you'll be spoilt for choices!!
accessories collage

Keri et Sol will be having a "LIKE & SHARE" FACEBOOK PROMO on 15/3/13 (Friday)!
Mark your calenders to participate in this contest!! :)

 photo gif1362984352829_zps896ed801.gif
For my dear readers, use this discount code
for a 10% discount! Promotion valid till 8th April 2013.

Visit them now at

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