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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I love when you say that I'm your princess

It was my first ever Valentine with Jj and very unfortunately, I looked SO BAD that day. I blame it on sleeping super late the night before. Think I had only 5hours of sleep? I woke up to a very very puffy and bloated face with hideous eye bags :'( 
Ohhh what a great start to a special day!!!

Anyway, I love the flowers Jj got for me, isn't it sooo pretty!! And it is in my favourite colour yay!

Lunch at Praelum Wine Bistro :)
Valentine's day or, as men like to call it, EXTORTION DAY is a day whereby most restaurants and florists would insanely jerk up prices of flowers, food, chocolates and so on.. So we are really happy to find out about this restaurant which serves French and Indochinese cuisine at really reasonable prices!

We each had the 3 course meal at only $25/pax!



My Valentine Date Kissing smileys

Thanks for loving me unconditionally despite all my flaws :)

Chorizo Rolls, Battered Chicken Wings,  Five-Spice Calamari
They were all so yummy!! (Omg blogging this at 3.18am I WANT SOME NOWWW!!!)

I really wanted to order their ala-carte Escargots too but sadly it is only available for dinner. Ohwellz.. :(
IMG_0190 IMG_0191

Time for our Main Courses!

Pork Prime Rib with Mustard Sauce and Crispy Fries.
I had this and it was HEAVENLY.

Roasted Beef & Caramelized Onions in Fresh Baguette with Romaine Lettuce and Honey Mustard
This was good as well!! I love how crispy the baguette was and the beef was well-cooked too!
IMG_0192 IMG_0193

And the last was our Ice Cream Dessert!! We were kinda stuck choosing between Creme Brulee or this.
in Pistachio flavour!! This was really toothsome! Oh and I think they homemade the icecream?


Praelum Wine Bistro
4 Duxton Hill

We then headed to town to shop for our Valentine's prezzies!
Trying on my a new shade of Bobbi Brown Lipstick!! Love it! I've been using Bobbi Brown lipstick for 2 years and I think they work best for me. It sucks to be me because even my lips are SENSITIVE. I remember using a few other brands and my lips started cracking/peeling and even had weird liquid (pus??) coming out. It was so gross and painful.
My favourite colours for now are #7 Coral and #8 Bikini Pink :')

Shopping for a new charm!

IMG_0211 IMG_0212


This boy SO SWEEEET. Always making cards for me instead of buying ready-made cards. EFFORT LEH for a guy to be doing this!!! And his card really not bad hor, I mean guys are usually bad in handicraft kinda things right... (left is his and right is mine)

Love Birds!! :)
I had initially wanted to get a heart padlock with a key charm but it was OOS at tampines, taka, ion.... literally EVERY OUTLET. Damn depressing. So I chose this as an alternative but I think I'm liking this design more over to the padlock now! 

So many other charms I'd like to get such as the Eiffel Tower, London Bus, luggage, crown.... BUT!!! I shall put all these on hold. Need to save up badly for something bigger - Japan trip!!



Went back to Jj's house and his sister made this pretty lil mini cupcakes for me!!
SOOO SWEEET. She'll make sucha sweet gf in the future .

I also bought flowers for my mum on Valentine's!

Ending off this post with a quote:
Where there is love, there is life

I hope you guys had a good one! :)

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