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Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy Mookata

It was my first time trying Mookata last Friday! There are quite a few Mookata restaurants in Singapore but we decided on Happy Mookata after reading the positive reviews online!
Mookata is a Traditional Thai BBQ, and it means pork-pan??

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My bf who is forever my feasting partner. Sometimes I really pity him yknow. He's someone who watches his diet and always sticks to his exercise/gym routine BUT ever since he's together with me..... GONE CASE. HAHAHA. I mean he still gyms and exercises alot but whoahhh his diet fail man. 
But that's a good thing for me right? At least he's not so rigid so I can always eat anything I want and he'll follow suit! :)

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Happy Mookata is priced at $19.90/pax for the Ala Carte Buffet!
As you can see, other than food items for bbq-ing and hotpot, there are also many other finger food such as nuggets, fries, popcorn chicken.. But one of my favourite would be the Thai Fishcake!!! It has a hint of TomYum taste, really yummy!
(oh btw yknow when I was googling about Mookata, I came across this Mookata place in Thailand itself for only... 140 baht, which is $5.80 FOR A BUFFET SPREAD. WHUTTTT?!?!?!)

And I think Happy Mookata are the creations of a few young entrepreneurs? They are also the ones working and serving customers in the restaurantl! They are really friendly and nice so service is definitely good!
Pigs are us.


See the white stuff at the centre of the pan? Those are PORK LARD. Once the pork lard starts to melt, we can start loading the meat to bbq. So damn fat right... During the process of bbq-ing, the juice of the meat will flow down to the soup, creating a tasty broth! I love the Garlic Pork btw!

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Okay one last picture of our sinful dinner!
While we were settling the bill, the friendly guy even asked how's the dinner and how did we find out about this place! Happy Mookata opens till late at night so it's definitely a top choice for a fatty late night supper!

Happy Mookata
6001 Beach Road  #01-55D Golden Mile Tower (Not Complex!!)
Opens from 6pm- 6am daily.

Can't wait to try the other Mookata places like Moojaa and maybe Tomyum Kungfu!

JEFFREY. CAMPBELL. Love some of them but they are currently OOS in SG.
Bf says I'm mad la cuz the heels look impossible to even walk in them. Hahaha. Girls will forever be girls, ai mei bu yao ming, which translates to wanna be pretty but don't want life. Lol does that make any sense?

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Wearing my new Blincon Lens which I bought from JB! Damn cheappp.
3 pairs of lenses + 3 bottles of solutions for only approx $50!! Bought it in Blincon BB Orange, BB Pink and BB Grey. I'm wearing the Orange one over here which looks BLACK in the picture? Haha it looks like natural honey brown in real life because the person was telling me if I were to buy brown, it would look black on my eyes.. BB Pink is cool cuz it looks a little like rosegold/brownish-pink kinda colour. Can't wait to try them too once the Orange one expires!!!

Favourite original cream puff from Beard Papa!!

Oh and recently I permed my lashes too!! I swear it looks so pretty that Jj couldn't take his eyes off my eyes.... urm lashes. Hahaha. It's been a week so far and my lashes are still nicely curled up!! So pretttttyyyy and alot of my friends have been asking me too about my lashes cuz they thought like wahhh I so free to curl my lashes until it looks like doll. Bahahhaa.

CNY this weekend! I'm excited!!!!


  1. Hey where did you perm the lashes? :)

  2. What's the address that you found out abt the mookata in thaliand?? :-)

  3. @anon 7.59pm:
    Not very sure... just happened to stumble upon it while I was googling on Mookata in Thailand/Bangkok! I didn't take note of the address or anything. Sorry! Maybe u can try googling urself

  4. Dun bother eating mookata in Thailand. Local will say mookata there is the dirtiest and not a little bit delicious. Some even says mookata here in singapore is way tastier and nicer then those in Bangkok. Being daring myself I tried and can vouch though it is cheaper the mookata in Bangkok really SUX big time.

  5. If i were you. I'll give mookata in Thailand a miss. Tradition ones in bkk is the most unappetising and unhygienic food compared to the street food. Even locals there discourage tourist to even try. And said singapore's mookata tasted way better then theirs.

    Well daring as I was, i gave it a try and boy I regretted it. However if u must try u can go for the commercialised ones in places like terminal 21(asoke bts) they are kinda like Seoul garden but mookata styled which kinda taste decent and won't give you the runs(the tummy kind).

  6. @Parrott:

    Awww so sorry to hear that :( Yea thank you for informing!! I'll be sure not to try it in BKK!! I miss Thailand so much esp the shopping!