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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Hi all!!
Soooo sorry for the lack of updatezxz on this space but here's what took place during the past few days~


Dad got me a room here at Costa Sands from Mon-Wed for only $16!! So I had a gathering with my lovely uni friends & had Stef&Karx to join too!!

The girls were in charged of getting food/snacks...

And the guys??? BOOZE OF CUZ. Anw the guys are really mad. On top of these 5 bottles you see here, one of them brought alot like a dozen of beer and Alex appeared with another 2 Vodka. LOL.
Just in case you're wondering if we managed to finish all 7bottles + beers... NO. The lousy-17-of-us only managed to clear the beer and 1.5bottle. Hahaha.


Dinner yesterday after school at Nakhon Kitchen!
Spicy mak mak na!!!!

And today.... was my 5th MONTHSARY WITH JJ!!! Wow it's been almost half a year!!
We had dinner at Soup Restaurant (loveeeee the Samsui Chickenn NOMZ!!!) followed by catching a movie "Ah Boys to Men"! Quite an interesting show about army boys and I really had a good laugh man at some parts. Like I was really literally laughing until I was breathless and gasping for air kind and tears kept rolling down my cheeks. Go watch go watch okay!!

A few days ago when Jj and I hit the gym @ Fitness First & we took this Body Composition Analysis...
AMAZING ISN'T IT? It's like.... Wah u stepped on this machine, input in some information and TADAHHHH. There you have it!!
Okay so let's see. Jj's Muscle Mass is like a whopping 59.9kg (LOL his muscle mass alone > my entire weight) and and and.... HIS BODY METABOLIC RATE AT ITS MAXIMUM???!?!?!??! Fwwaaahhh unbelievable. I thought mine was quite high already until i saw his... o.O The analysis also states that I am underweight by 10.4% LOL. Seriously.. if I were to hit my ideal weight, I'd be like a big fat tard please. I am 22 currently and my metabolic age is 19 while Jj is 23 with a metabolic age of..... 17. WHUT??

So anyhowz, I am pretty satisfied with the results cuz actually I thought my fat% would be kinda high~ So it really seems like my Slimming Tea has been working quite well for my sister and I!! I've been consuming it for a week already and I've lost about 1.7kg!! Mad happy!! :D Really hope to shed another 3.3kg in the next 3weeks~~ And guyz, don't worry. It's not some unhealthy slimming product cuz like I said... it's TEA and it's 100% made from all natural fruits which is healthy! ;)

And it's finally friggin Friday tomorrow! Wheee~


  1. what slimming tea you taking and where to get it!

  2. Hi Shenny please share what brand of slimming tea you're consuming!

  3. Hi! Can I know what slimming tea is that?

  4. can share what slimming tea you drinking?