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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Luvest: Collection 38



Collared Shirt Dress in Black dsc_991_1024x1024
Collared Shirt Dress in Black! This dress is really cutesy!!! The quality is good and the bottom part is kinda like a skater skirt! :) Comes with a functional belt so you can tighten it to make your waistline smaller too! ;)

Collared Shirt Dress in White dsc_732_1024x1024
It also comes in White and Navy!

Drop Shoulder Dress in White dsc_784_1024x1024
Drop Shoulder Dress in White! A really easy piece to wear out be it day or night!

Little Freedom Skater Dress in Navy dsc_886_1024x1024
Little Freedom Skater Dress in Navy! Love the cut of it and it totally makes me feel like a little girl! hehehe

Little Freedom Skater Dress in Cream dsc_759_1024x1024
In Cream and Black as well :)

For my dear readers, quote "SHENNY" for a $2 discount off the total bill! :) **ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THE NEW ARRIVALS**

Happy Shopping girls!!!

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