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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Insta Updates!

Last Friday for USS Halloween!! I want to wear the kitty hairband out again!!!

During FI class, Jj got reaaaallllyyyy bored and decided to doodle me!! Check out the super round face and super big butt. Thanks leh really...

Visited Sis and Dylan as well during Dylan's official 1st Month!! Bought this cutie bunny and booties/socks for him!!! Omg Dylan is getting soooooooooooooooo handsomeeee!! Me likey ;)

Jj carrying Dylan for like... 1 MINTUE. Haha. He's damn scared he'll accidentally crush Dylan or something.  And that's Dylan staring at Jj's biceps throughout that 1 minute. LOL!!

Gold glittery nails I painted 2weeks ago!! So princessyyyyy love it so much!!

And my current nail colour!! Red with silver glitter!! Looks perfect for Christmas!!

Chanced upon this western stall (Hong Mei Western Delight; Blk 515 Bedok; coffeeshop) on hungrygowhere which gave alot of positive reviews... So Jj and I went to try it after his gym workout & after my driving class!! It's honestly not bad!! I had fish&chips + chicken chop meal ($6) and Jj had the steak ($6.50).. Quite cheap right!!! :D Say yay to new cheap&good makan place!! I like that the fish&chips used traditional hainanese style batter which is made of biscuits rather than bread crumbs and it isn't too heavy!! Yknow how some fish&chips gives you that sick feeling after a few mouths...

New header cover for mai twitter!!

Today otw to townnnnnnnn for an appointment and walkwalk. I was so lazy to put on makeup today so all I did was to stick on fake falsies, concealer and drew my brows!! AND THEN HALFWAY THROUGH..... one side of my falsies dropped and Stef kept asking me to just pull the other side out AND SO.... I WALKED AROUND TOWN ALMOST BARED-FACE. Can't believe I did that. This is the FIRST. I think it didn't look too bad though cuz at least there's amazing concealer to hide all my flaws up!!! :D

Dinner with Jj. Stacked a mountain at Javiers.
Hauls from today and my dear bf paid for all my h&m stuff (THERE'S REALLY A CRAZY SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW). So kind and sweet of him!!!!! <3 I feel kinda bad though......

& if you haven't followed me on instagram.... follow me now!!! @shennyyang

So this week is kinda packed!! Although Friday is a PH, I have a meetup with Steph and Karx for Steph's birthday celebration, then famz gathering followed by Steffi's 21st birthday party! Sat would be work, followed by Sunday - Dylan's 1st Month Celebration Party + Dajie's 30th birthday!! And after everything, I have a shoot with Luvest.


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