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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Little Nephew, Dylan!

As some of you guys would have already known, my little nephew, Dylan was born last night after 19 hours of labour (OMG DAJIE SO STRONG!!!!). He's a healthy little baby boy weighing 3.9kg!! What a big baby lol!!
Anw, really wanna say a biggg THANK YOU to those who gave their wishes to both my Sis and I over twitter/msgs! ;)
After class, heading over to the hospital! :D

Boyflen :*

I honestly thought it looks quite small initially UNTIL I saw the rest of the babies... WOW. Okay. He looks HUGE beside all of them. Hahahahaa. It's so big la omg I seriously cannot imagine how it managed to pop out from down-there. OUCHHH. Must have hurt quite alot. All mothers are really soooo brave! :')

IMG_4830 IMG_4831


*opens eyes* "Oooooooo this must be Aunty Shenny!!!"

IMG_4833 IMG_4840

IMG_4841 IMG_4842
I WAS DAMN AFRAID OF CARRYING THE BABY YKNOW! He felt so fragile and soft.. and weak... So worried that I'll injure or hurt him :(


IMG_4845 IMG_4847
MY BRAVE DAJIEEE!!!!! :) And the cute baby's feet!!! :D

Few days ago, Dylan was still inside my sis's womb and we were all still happily eating Putien and now... He's already out!?!?!! Ohman!!! A new addition to the family now! It's really gonna be so much fun! Can't wait for both mum and child to be discharged tmr! :)

& this was yesterday after school! The sweet bf came all the way from home to school just to pick me up for lunchhhh :')
Ramen Champion at Bugis+!

Mochi Sweets and new makeup essentials from Sephora! :)

Turning in soon, gonna have a looonnggg day tomorrow! Goodnight!

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