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Friday, August 24, 2012

Contact lens

As many of  y'guys know, I've always been having perfect eyesight and so, I have never ever worn any kind of contacts before! BUT BUT BUT, I've always been quite fascinated with contacts lens especially when so many pretty bloggers out there swear by contacts and will never ever leave home without them! I even bought a pair years ago but eventually threw it away cuz I didn't know how to wear them.. What a waste of money. Okay so anyway.. when I was in Korea, I came across a shop selling all kinds of contacts! It was kinda cheap? Like only SDG10bux and so I bought a pair to try them out!!

It's been a month since I bought the contacts.. but finally dared to try them on today!! Gotta thank Jj for being so patient with me lol. It took me a whole 45mins to put on the contacts successfully!! AND OMG THERE IS INDEED A DIFFERENCE. A BIG DIFFERENCE. I have never ever seen my eyes so huge before!! I am so excited I'm gonna wear them for photoshoot tmr!! ;)
That's me with zero makeup on and OMG THE EYES SOOO BIG!! O.O NOW I KNOW THE SECRET OF YOU GIRLS!
Then again, I promised Jj not to be so dependent on contacts cuz we are both quite worried that the contacts might harm my eyes! So I'm only allowed to wear for photoshoots/days when I know I am going to take truckload of pictures! hehehe.

Okay dokey gotta turn in now!! Goodnight world! :*

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