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Friday, July 06, 2012

gloomy thursday

IMG_7390 IMG_7396
This was yesterday's outfit to Lotte World :)

Lotteria fast food! Not as good as what we expected tho! Macs still the best!


IMG_7547 IMG_7391
I take my outfit at the same place everyday; the pathway to school. lol.
Anw, love Jj's new top and shoes!! My handsome boixzx ^^


Bulgogi just outside my hostel which costs only $15 for 2!!! This is already my 3rd time eating it, tastes so awesome!

IMG_7552 IMG_7553


Korean language class which none of us can ever understand and catch up.

And to the title of this post.. Today is sucha gloomy day cuz it has already been raining NON STOP for the PAST 12HOURS. The rain is so freaking heavy it dampens all mood. Seriously, where can we go with such heavy rain and cold wind? Eewwww. And the weather has been like that too for the past few days. I hope the weather will be merciful tomorrow so at least we get to go to Noryangjin Fish Market and Ewha University for some cheap shopping!

Today was exceptionally sucky cuz both Jj and I fell sick. I had some infection + slight fever while Jj was really running a fever and felt rather giddy. And so... WE MISSED OUR SPIDERMAN 4D MOVIE TODAY. Omg the ticket wasn't cheap know... and it's now gone down the drain :( Everyone who went said it was really worth the money so I guess we gotta fork out the money and go watch it ourselves again. :( Ahhhhh suxxxx. Hope I'll be better tomorrow!

Till then! <3

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