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Friday, June 01, 2012

With the Boy!

So ever since I came back from Bkk, I've been meeting up consistently with the boy! I really like spending time with him and getting to know him better :) Hehehe and time with him is always very satisfying for my  happy tummy ~.~

This was dinner at ECP the day I landed!
All the local foodies~

Then we were sitting inside this hut when the boy asked me to excuse him for a while because he needs to take something from the car! And..... HE CAME BACK WITH A GUITAR?? Hahaha i was literally giggling like mad already. AND HE PLAYED A SONG FOR ME - Waiting for you. Omg I swear I was DAMN TOUCHED??? No guy has ever ever played a song for me before. Not on the piano. Not on any other musical instruments. Not even vocally. AND HE'S THE FIRST TO DO SO!!
IMG_5913 IMG_5912
Secretly took pics of him hahaha I think he also too shy already! :')
Okay and urmmmm I was indeed damn impressed with his guitar skills!! *claps*

IMG_5933 IMG_5936
OOTD for our vivo date to watch Fabulous 30!


He went like "That's my restaurant!!" cuz same initials =.=

IMG_5923 IMG_5922
Long talks at the open space!


Some time last week when he accompanied me for my photoshoot!!
Sweety boy always waiting without complains!


IMG_2440 IMG_2439
Accompanied me for 3 whole hours at frolick too when I was alone in the store! I think his patience really upz.

Manhattan together with Erjie!

Favvvvvvv small flame platter!


IMG_7118 IMG_7120

IMG_6020 IMG_7121
hehhehehee ^.^

Pastamania with him a few days ago! This is the MIB set meal hahaha why do they even have such meals??
Followed by heading down to the library to get lonely planet for Seoul. AND AND AND.. OMG THERE'S LIKE ZERO GUIDE BOOKS LEFT FOR SEOUL!!??! Not even a single guide from other publishers. Then we checked using the pc, 98% of the Seoul guide books are on loan. What the shit.... Eh hello everyone going to Seoul for exchange too??? :"(
Damn sad, the internet is the only source we can rely on now.

Otw to CDC for my FTT Etrials &lunch!

Whoohooooz GUESS WHAT PEOPLE? The awesome me did 3 etrials and... I FAILED ALL 3 LAH. Cannot believe how lousy I can get.. Hahaha. My score was 76%, 86% and 88%. I text my parents to tell them about it and my Dad actually replied "Well done GOOD GIRL".

Then to Cathay for movie!
The last pic so funny!!! I went like "OMG MY BATTERY IS FLASHING MY CAMERA IS DYING SOON!!!!!" and he was shocked at the flashing battery sign cuz just 2minutes before it started flashing, it was FULL 3 BARS LEH (tho i have not charged it ever since bkk). Camera as cranky as its owner.

Men in Black!

I had cravings for thai food and I wanted Ah Loy Thai so badly!! But the forever blur me told him it was Shaw Centre and the GPS brought us to.. TOWN. DAMNNNN. It is actually called Shaw TOWERS. We reached at 7.45pm and WE WERE REJECTED. They were already taking in last orders :'(

So we headed over to Golden Mile (aka Little Thailand) for alternatives!
But I still prefer Ah Loy Thai to Diandin Leluk!!

And Marina Barrage after the dinner!

Last picture taken before my camera died peacefully that night. Bahahaha.
Yesterday felt as if there were many 'mini-dates' cuz we went to so many different places in a day! I remember reading off somewhere before that by doing so, subconsciously our brains are tricked into thinking we've already been on 5dates together, and so the bonding process is 5 times quicker. Sounds damn logical to me.

Okay it's lateeee, goodnight lovelies!!!

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