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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

So yesterday I went to 3 Macs in Tampines in search of Ronald Hellokitty with the boy and I WAS SO SADDDDDD when all 3 macs didn't put up Ronald on display. I thought it was all out of stock already. And I kept thinking about how lonely Birdie gonna be on my bed hahaha. Okay so anyway, it turns out that Ronald will only be out on THURSDAY!!! I am so going to get Ronald!!!!!!! I like Grimace hellokitty, the one in purple with the hood but all the macs I've been to don't sell Grimace anymore!!!! And Grimace is now auctioning online for like $40??? MAD OR MAD.
IMG_6104 IMG_6105
We had a quick lunch and the boy sent me off to CDC for my FTT test!!! AND YAY YAY YAYYYYY I PASSED WHOOHOOZ hhahahaha I text my dad to tell him about the good news and he replied "Good girl". I told Jj that my dad said I am a good girl again and he said "This time round your dad is correct!!" hahahahha. Still can't believe how funny my dad was the previous time lol.

Met up with my Dajie after the test for some damage control for my hair.

IMG_6111 IMG_6112
Disgusting black roots and faded hair colour.

IMG_6115 IMG_6118

IMG_6120 IMG_6124
Dye dye dye~

Treatment in progress!

Snip snip snip!

And the product!!!
Back to bangs again and hair is now in medium blonde! Sis highlighted her bottom part.

Then met up with the boy again for dinner!
Bedok Point for Popeyes! I mega hate the biscuit it's inedible to me.


This is him trying to crack my phone's password. HACKER.


Today I woke up at 3pm??? And I slept at 4am the previous night. That is 11 hours worth of sleep man. Hibernating at its best.
With the boy AGAIN for my breakfast/lunch!
My instagram caption for the picture on the right was "why he looks like ahbeng here and I look like xiaolian?!?! Hahahahahaha lol". True lor

I was so damn picky over food today. Die also want to eat Nasi Lemak. And I wanted the one from Punggol but I think it will only be opened after 6pm? So we went to the round market but none of the stalls were opened. Then he drove to TP, we walked to every canteen but none of the stalls appealed to me. I felt so bad cuz it was so hot&humid today and I made him walked around so much :( Went to interchange in the end and ate at Qi Ji! It was our first time for the both of us at Qi Ji and everything on the menu seems damn nice lahhh.
"I want Nasi Lemak, omg I want Popiah too!!! Wah the laksa looks nice too ahhh"
And he really came back with all the food I wanted. Fat die me.

Okay some hair shots!!



Was at Cheryl's house just now till 3.30am trying to find hotels and flights for Jeju. And random stalking of pretty girls' fb/blogs, online shopping and catching up :') OMG KOREA IN 3 WEEKS TIMEEE!!!
IMG_2483 IMG_2484

IMG_2485 IMG_2486

So anyway, as I am typing this post.... my parents and dajie are on the plane now to GREECE, Santorini. I went to google up on it and here are some images that came out....
I AM SO JEALOUS LAAA. I also want to go. And my mum is so cute. She brought like sundresses and straw hat there. I hope they will take pretty pictures back to show me while I am stuck here in boring Singapore. HOW SUCKY IS THIS. MY ENTIRE FAMILY IS OVERSEAS NOW. Erjie is in New York and the rest are all in Greece. SIGH.

I shall go sleep off the loneliness. :'(
But but but then again... Hey, it's HOME ALONE nowwww for the next 8days!!!!!!!!! :D

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