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Monday, June 18, 2012

So if y'all have been following me on twitter/instagram, you should probably know that I made a visit to the doctor today to have my left ear checked!
A camwhore shot before heading out!! I was really procrastinating to the max, the weather just bu ke yi maintain sia. Gosh...

After seeing the doctor, they referred me to a specialist but the earliest appointment they could fix for me is only on the 6th of July, and I would have already been in Korea then.
OMG LEFT EAR DEAFNESS??? *faints* Honestly I can't hear properly using my left ear. Most of the time I would go "HUHHHH?? What did u say? Can u say a lil louder?" I didn't realise the seriousness of it until a few days ago when I couldn't even listen properly while watching the tv :O Let's just hope everything would be fine after dripping the antibiotics eardrops!! Else mum wants me to go to the hospital on Friday to get my ears checked again :'( *FINGERS CROSSED* :(

Looking forward to tmr's date with Jj!! <3

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