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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shoot n' Love

Otw to Luvest's shoot, running lateeeee!!!

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At Candle Boutique!!

Credits to Grace for snapping some of the 'behind scenes' pictures!
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pretty dress coming up in the next launch!! Comes in 3 pretty colours :)

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Awwww gotta thank Jj for always being such a sweetie boy. He never fails to send me down for my shoots so that I won't get stares for having sucha thick makeup/risk of having my makeup ruined from taking the public transport or spending money on cabs. And for always being there waiting patiently till I end my photoshoot. <3

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This is Jenny, the photographer for Luvest and many other blogshops if they have their pics taken at Candle!
Screenshot this from Jenny's instagram and omg that tiny ball thingy is damn irritating?? I didn't know it will be captured in the screenshot too lor rahhhh.

I had cravings for ramen so we decided to head to Illuma for Ramen Champion but... WE JUST COULDN'T FIND THE STORE??????? We thought it might be closed down already since there were alot of renovations going on inside Illuma. So we left. And I felt damn sad cuz I even went to search for reviews on what's nice over there :'( BUT YKNOW WHAT??? I just went to google on Ramen Champion AND IT IS STILL THERE LA, BUSINESS OPEN AS USUAL. *stabs

So we headed to Ajisen instead to satisfy my ramen cravings.
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UNFAIRRRRRRRR. My itouch camera suckkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Oh and we had tako yaki after dinner cuz it was only 5 for $3 so cheapppp!!

Headed to Marina Barrage after which to chill!! Have been going to ECP and barrage so much recently, really like these 2 places alot!! And barrage is really nice cuz the night skyline is so beautiful and there would be people flying those lighted kites too! Damn pretty!!

I asked him to take a picture for me with the pretty backdrop and this is the picture he took:
What kinda picture is this??!?!?!?! ONLY CAN SEE MBS LOL. (anw times like this, wished I had my G12 with  me!! Confirm able to snap so many pretty pictures!!!!)

This is the picture I took for him.
SO MUCH NICER RIGHT!?!?!? At least got both MBS and the flyer inside the pic!!!

And he attempted to take one for me just like the picture I took for him.
HAHAHAHA CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. MBS and the flyer like almost going to get cropped out already and the picture is blurry. His photography skills really cmi lah omg. How to have pretty shots taken in Korea!!!! :'(

28 29


Anyhowz, some random pictures!
Clothes from Luvest and sponsored clothes from Loveatnine!! :) florals florals florals me likey!!

We finally got hold of Lonely Planet Seoul and Jj is so thoughtful!! He placed those labels for me so that it's easier for me to refer!

AND HE IS DAMN CUTE LA OMGG. He read through the whole guide already and places that he found interesting, he drew a cute lil =) beside the attraction. HAHAHA OMG SO CUTE. I can't stop smiling to myself when I was reading the guide just now. ~.~

Okay I shall end of this post with a few lame GIFs taken during the shoot by Grace!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
1st: Acting cuteee for Grace hahhaa.
2nd: I was tryna copy those f21 mannequins pose! LOL MUCH??
3rd: Didn't know Grace took this but urmm I was putting on the blazer hahaha.

And also.. a lame video taken by the boy accidentally!!


Btw, how's my new blog layout? Did some minor changes to it; A floral background which is the same as my tumblr, just that I adjusted the colour to make it more faded, changed my blog banner, adjusted the width for my main posts, added more pictures at the sidebar and finally connected my instagram pictures to my blog!!! ;) All these may seemed minor but it took up hell loads of time man!!

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