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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Van's Birthday!

Last Friday Night with the froyo babies!

IMG_5947 IMG_5967

IMG_5972 IMG_5973
Hahaha cuz Hz decided she looks unglam in it and wants something over her face!


IMG_5974 IMG_5991
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY VANNNNNNNN!!! & OMG YOU'RE DAMN YOUNG?!!?!?!? I am really getting old. :'(

IMG_5980 IMG_5982
Hahaha the boy used the left picture as my caller id -.- He likes that picture too much!! LOL

And then Mink for the first time in my entire life!! Always heard people raving about Mink and how fun it is compared to all the other clubs... BUT OMG THAT NIGHT WAS SO TERRIBLE LA. My first experience and it's ruined... hahaha. Everything just went so wrong that night?? Everyone was moody and irritated. Not to mention, it was MAD SQUEEZY YUCKS. And i hate the layout, so messy.

Pictures from Valenmelonnnnnnn!!!! CONGRATS FOR GETTING INTO SMU!!! <3

Sigh & there's something really bothering me right now. I get really tired easily recently. It's like I am constantly tired. I am tired 2hours later after waking up from my 10hours deep sleep. I get tired after eating a meal. I get tired when I am working. I also get tired when partying or even shopping. I JUST GET TIRED ALL THE TIME. So I am actually thinking if there's anything wrong with my body... like should i go for some checkup?? But what if there's really something wrong with me? I don't want to face with any harsh truth man. Sigh, life is tough. I need to down more chicken essence from now on, Dad just stocked up more of it. Hahaha. Mehhh~

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