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Friday, April 27, 2012

First few pictures taken using G12!

Geared with heavy makeup today for photoshoot ~.~

IMG_5330 IMG_5339

For the hair!

Mr Sweet who drove me down for my photoshoot, waited for me and sent me home! :)

After the shoot with Grace, the boss for Luvest!

Anyway.... THEY'RE DAMN EFFICIENT LA!!! Some pictures are already up on the site!!
collection 19 webposter 5

collection 19 webposter 2


Some pieces for the current collection!

Go on to to see the full collection now!! I swear they have many pretty dresses, can't wait for next week's launch! :D

For my dear readers, quote "Shenny" to receive $1.50 off the total bill! :)

Okay that's all for today!!
So hungry now I could eat a cow hahahaha~

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