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Thursday, March 08, 2012






Finally wore this romper from LB out after a looooonggg time!!

Anyway, the past 3days was h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. Imagine... splitting headache, fever up&down, sorethroat, cough. And it's like I can't even cough? Cuz when I cough, it felt as though my whole head is gonna burst. So terrible. I can't blow my nose either. Thought I was feeling a tad better today so I met up with Alex to town... and barely 10mins after stepping out of the house, I FELT SO DAMN SICK AGAIN. :( Esp the train ride, so cold omg. And so, i returned home 2hours later, of which about 1hr++ was devoted to travelling already. Super felt like fainting otw home, cuz it was peak time, DAMN CROWDED, NO SEATS. I felt so faintish and my back ached so badly. HAI. What's up with my body? I need you to be healthy okay, exams are REALLY NEARING. Ok end rants.

Oh oh oh. Alex mentioned that being slim is hot, skinny is disgusting. And he categorized me under the latter. :(

Came back home and the first thing I did was to.... SLEEP. Yea, yknow the feeling of just wanting to close the eyes cuz the migraine is just so so so bad? I even teared while sleeping cuz it's sooooo painful :(
Then Daddy decided to send me to the doctor (I was on self-prescription the past few days cuz I thought I'd be okay after popping a few panadols..). I have so many medications to eat now :( And almost all causes drowsiness, I bet i'll be sleeping my ass off the next few days.



  1. Then like that you can have all your meals in bed =P Yayaya! Actually also quite nice.

  2. Someone Over The RainbowMarch 9, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    Shenny ~! Don't die~! No~~~~~

    =X Drink more water, don't over dose the medicine.

    "Leo takes a long time to recover when suffering from fever" * hehe *