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Saturday, March 10, 2012

It would have been 1826 days

For you :')

Today holds a special place in my heart. It would have been our 5 year anniversary...
Let's safeguard all these good feelings&memories close to our hearts. :)

ps/ I know there are a few slight pauses in the video, cuz somehow 12 pictures just wouldn't play so the pic before that would kinda 'freeze'. Sorry about that :<
& Google Chrome would most probably not be able to play the vimeo video as well :(



  1. Still cannot let go even though mouth says so.....

  2. Maybe you become pretty le then he feel insecure?

  3. hahaha ohman i look damn hideous back in 2007 :O Mmmm, i don't get what u mean by he's insecure leh? No link. Hahaha

  4. =X My Bf say that some of his friends when their girlfriend is very pretty de usually arhm.... They got a feeling bah? I think only a guy can explain to you.

  5. I think is like what this site/page is saying

    In Japan it's quite open though we go out with our boyfriend's friends quite a few times. I guess in Singapore it's more complicated? Or Fuantei? 不安定 <- Chinese =S

    For Interest - (I find this actually quite true)

  6. Wow thanks for all the links! But nah, that is not the reason. He definitely has the looks as well.

  7. Aiya wake up lah!!!

  8. My google chrome can play the video arh, it's just that need the Windows runtime plugin for google chrome installed only wor

  9. Both of you should marry one day and he will definitely be back, wait for this day to happen pls :) Good luck and with loves! <3