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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Oracle

Okay so if you've been my twitter follower... I guess y'all would have known I visited a well known Oracle (Feng Shui Astrology) today. My sis + her friends been there as well and all gave *thumbsup reviews and said he's DAMN DAMN DAMN good and accurate!! And so, I decided to give it a shot laaa.. I mean no harm finding out what life has in store for me, to find out more about my love/luck/wealth/career/health right!!

So anyway, all I had to provide was my real name, birth date, birth time and location.

AND VIOLA!!!!! It's quite... scary in a sense? Cuz i did not tell him anything about my background and all. Obviously, the first thing that I asked was about "Love" haha. And obviously again, I'll ask about me and P right LOL. Personal stuffs aside, when I gave him the details of P, the first word he used to describe P stunned me. LIKE LITERALLY SPOT ON BINGO. Mine and Erjie's eyes went from o.o to o.O to O.O WOW.

Besides that, he's damn funny. He said I'm a PART TIME LEO. LOL. NO WONDER.
I always feel I don't have the strong characteristics of what a Leo should possess. He said I'm controlled by another sign - Scorpio. Hence, he described that I am instead, quite an emotional and lazy(nua) Leo. And then he laughed and said, "You're also a shopping Leo" HAHA ME AND ERJIE REALLY LOLed.

Love aside, I also asked about my health and he said I tend to overthink alot, which would cause alot of anxiety and mental health problems like depression. LOL. So true also right, I really think I am damn prone to depression :( always mentally picturing things&situations ;(

Oh oh, and career!!! It was damn true also. Maybe I should embark on it soon. Since it has always been my passion (idk if u get my hint) and he said I can only depend on this to start a business to be truly successful. And along the way, I will meet my "Gui Ren" who will help me. Well, he said I would only be an air stewardess for a short period of time, but this experience will give me confidence and connections. Yayy!!

Okay these are all the more general stuff. The rest are too personal to be shared here. To top off that, I think there were some pretty ridiculous predictions, idk if it will be true but hahaha. I will smack my head if it's true. OMGAWDDD. Honestly, I left the place feeling rather down cuz of what he said would happen in my life and future :( Like... kept me pondering and thinking and brooding over it. Then again, I know these are just 2nd opinions, and I shouldn't let them determine my life&fate. We can control our own destiny, no? But aiya, he's too zun already, dont wna believe also abit difficult. Okay bottom-line is that I need to strengthen my mind if I don't want those unhappiness. :)

Now some of my close friends wanna visit him as well!! So exciting!! He's a busy busy man, he owns 6 iphones?! WHATT?!?! When I was there, I had to wait for a while cuz so many people were calling in to make appointments :O

Okay that's all for today. BTT tmr!! hahaha dammit!! Should have asked him if I'd pass my btt! Goodnight people I send my luv!! <3

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