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Friday, January 20, 2012

You came at just the right time

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So I've been into quite a bit of self indulgence the past few days... Some awesome food around, a facial session yesterday, did my gel nails&pedi today, shopping therapy, meeting up with people - old friends, new friends... and there's gonna be a visit to the dentist tmr!! Need to make my teeth sparkling white haha. That really sounds like a lot of personal grooming sessions hehe.

Anyway, I just realised I'm into the last 5 lectures for the different modules I'm taking this year! THAT'S HOW FAST!? Didn't school just started for me.... and now BAM!!! Lectures ending --> Prelims --> FINALS. 4 months of holidays again. WHUTTT?!?!?!?!?!?! Abit ridiculous eh.

ps/ Just received an email from Sogurt for an interview which I applied eons ago~ The thing is, I doubt I'll be going... but let's say.. IF i decide to go, IF i really did manage to get in.... and IF i get to work with HER. Hahaha sounds like alot of fun to me. That's why, Frolick and Sogurt shall always be rivals. Peace out~

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