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Monday, January 09, 2012

Sad part is... I still do not hate you

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How apt. I remembered a quote from tumblr saying 'if you wanna know how a girl truly feels, read her tumblr and you'll know'. True that.

Today's my first time going out after days of isolating myself. Ballroom dancing was great and kind of fun in fact! I had reserves about it initially cuz like... ballroom dancing uhuhuh right? But we had to learn it for the d&d. I just hope I won't be freaked out by such events. All the officers, pretty elegant ladies and.. ballroom dancing. It's my first time attending such an event lol. Time to find an appropriate dress. Anyway the best was chacha, so easy, fun and... tiring. #exercise
Waltz on the other hand was a disaster. I can only follow the first few steps and it gets damn CONFUSING on which leg to move front or back, and which direction to turn. Lol no wonder Dajie &Jack kept practising the other time for their wedding. Me #fail

And in case I've been mia for too long and y'guys miss me...
Here's finally a pic of me! One picture only though, I am still moodless for shots.
I think I have the sad look in this picture. Sigh..

Swirl Art for lunch!

Halfway through.. the shop was playing Iyaz So Big. I really love this song alot. Then I started remembering that we used to dance to this song after his pageant finals. And... I actually started tearing on the spot inside the shop. What a big time loser I am right :(

Went to Erjie's place to crash cuz I slept really little and I was super worn out from all the dancing~

Dinner @ Manhattan with Erjie and her friend!
Massive amount of food but I ate very little though. Still trying to get my appetite back...
Halfway through I got pretty emotional again though cuz I got reminded that we had our lunch here on our 4th year anni :(

I guess the worst and most bastard thing to ever do is to talk bad about your previous gfs. Dude, show some respect here. It's also a form of respect for yourself as well. It will only show what a miser you are and how petty you can get. It is also a very ungentlemanly act. Before asking people to watch their words, think about what you said and what you did first please.

Anw people, I'm starting to answer some fs questions alr. Relationship related questions will still be unanswered for now though. Hope y'all would understand ;)

ps: Please keep to your promise.


  1. Hello Shenny! Been reading your blog for almost a year...

    Anyway, I'm here to request for a BKK post.... I do hope you'll let me know the MUST go for the shopping malls... MUST BRING to BKK.
    Bkk tips.... in all.

    :) will appreciate!

  2. Hi there!

    U can check on my labels under Bangkok! There are 2 posts over there already! hope that helps!

    U can head over to Chinatown in bkk as well. Haven't been there but i heard its great for the food ;)