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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I guess we are all victims of our own minds. We overthink situations. We picture the worst case scenarios. Then we'll convince ourselves to believe them, thinking it's all true when in fact, it's merely imaginations of ours. We get ourselves all worked up for.. nothing. In the end, the ones who suffer and get hurt are none other than us. It's so bad that sometimes I feel like... I'm starting to hallucinate. Even my friends said so. I'd mistake other people for you. I'll daze out and take a few moments before I snap back into reality.
What the shit is this.

Oh ya, 6th sense BINGO-ed today again.

*The rest of my rantings are finally all vented out in my private blog. The feeling is so damn awesome can?! That I can say anything I want without restrictions. I don't even feel like I have my own freedom of speech here. Even though it's rightfully, my blog.

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