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Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is really getting on my nerves, to hear from different people on what you've been actually saying.
It's so disgusting at how you can twist and turn facts to your advantage, on how you try saving your own reputation at the expense of MINE, on how you could easily shove all the blame to me as if nothing was ever your fault, for allowing others to create such an awful impression of me.

Even if people already had a bad opinion of me, that I'm some psychotic possessive freaky gf ( and I had this behaviour simply because I love you so much that I'm afraid of losing you?!) but it is seriously not right of you to ruin it further?!

Honestly, think of the things you did to me before you start accusing. If you've done a mistake, admitting to it won't kill. Or is pride all that matters to you?? Think of the lies u said, before you use another lie to cover up your previous lies. This is just a vicious cycle that will haunt you forever. At least I know I did you wrong as well, I admitted and I'm sincerely apologetic for that.

People have eyes to see what's right/wrong, we all have ears to listen to the truth, and we have mouths to speak up.

So seriously, THINK BEFORE YOU SAY. Cuz when the ugly truth is out, I'm sure it wouldn't look good on you.

Lastly, ENOUGH is enough, even if I'm nice to you, there's a limit to everything. _|_

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