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Friday, December 02, 2011

Hello December!!!

CAN U BELIEVE IT?!! We're already into the last month of the year?!?! I didn't even realise it until I woke up this morning, did my usual routine which is to reach out for my phone.. checked for messages/emails &all, then checked my twitter and my whole timeline was flooded with 'December' tweets~ hahahah I must have been living in my lalaland for too long. Back to the point, TIME FLIES REALLY FAST.
IMG_1800 IMG_1802
OFTD! Only 150baht = $6 hahah i bargain and whine like mad to the guy for this price LOL.
I only bought 1 colour which I regret now, should have bought all 4 colours damn it!!! It's so comfy and easy to slip on for lazy school days! P likes this dress as well.  For some reason, he likes me being in dresses > shorts.

Anyway, I've been meeting the bf up EVERY SINGLE DAY since MONDAY. Love it!!! I'm gonna be so lonely once he leaves for Philippines this Sunday :( *cries

& people say HI TO KOBBY!!!!
*waves* it's a 5month old puppy SO ADORABLE. Bb says i'm always falling into Kobby's trap of giving pitiful eyes so that I would let it out of it's cage hahahaha BUT IT'S SO KAWAII HOW TO SAY NOOOO TO THE DOG!!
IMG-20111129-00433 IMG-20111129-00437

IMG-20111129-00434 IMG-20111129-00435
Been walking the dog together with P for the past few days as well.
This dog is attracted to anything HOTPINK!!! My fav colour!! Hehe so damn cute and it barks at anything black &particularly bikes, bicycles, pram.... You get my drift.

We've been watching 'Dog Whisperer' as well to learn some techniques. Haha. P would always be like "Stay calm, shoulders upright"... "Sssssssshhh" If u watched this show before, you'll get what i mean!!
IMG_1788 IMG_1789




Then accompanied P for his haircut at Twister!
IMG_1807 IMG_1804
'Before' Pictures!

IMG_1808 IMG_1809


IMG_1815 IMG_1814
'After' pictures.
It's called the  "Undercut hairstyle" (am i right???)

But looks quite ahbeng to me. Hahaha he says i'm the ahlian. Together we are the ahlianbengzz couple yo.
IMG_1818 IMG_1817

Random picture taken in school the other day:
everything Hello Kitty lol! Pencil case; Itouch; Blackberry &my new calculator!!
If you're wondering why am i using such a calculator for school purposes, that's just because UOL has some weird rules that we CANNOT use SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS for examinations. Wtf right I KNOW.


Ok bye!!!

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