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Thursday, November 17, 2011


School was ultra mega horrible yesterday - Macroecons from 12-3pm and then Corporate Finance from 7-10pm. 2 of my worst subjects on the same day ~.~

Thankfully, we had a 4hours break in between, so we went to Sogurt to relieve some stress  :D
I had the red velvet, lychee and original flavour, topped up with my all time fav oreo & mochis!!!
Spells Y-U-M-M-Y!!!
Red Mango's original flavour is still the best imo hehehe :D

Pardon my pale face cuz I was all in tears before that :(


316019_10150397162547488_582712487_8279285_2136353481_n IMG_0578

375537_10150397158227488_582712487_8279276_1103154314_n 374873_10150397160202488_582712487_8279279_268676395_n

so kawaii *.* hehehe

- - -

On a side note, I really find guys carrying girl's handbag annoyingly disgusting. Especially when the dude is macho&all and then mehhhhh~ carrying a pink handbag??? Do y'guys think the same way as i do? If the girl is holding onto a freaking big bulky heavy bag and the guy offered to help, then i think it's alright. But c'mon.. most of the times it's like.. a mini handbag/clutch?? How heavy can it get srsly!??! Hey girls are you that weak not to carry it yourself? Or hey guys don't you find it gay carrying a handbag? I'm not pinpointing anyone, but this is just a personal opinion of mine ;)

It's near 10pm and i'm feeling so sleepy and headache-ish.

It's time for bed, goodnight people!!

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