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Saturday, November 19, 2011



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At the rate Frolick's hiring so many new girls, it no longer feels like a home anymore :( Sigh i really missed those old days~

Work aside, I AM SUPPOSED TO BE IN BKK NOW GRRRRR!! But ohwell, i postponed my flight (yet again) a few days ago! Yipeee hopefully the flood gonna recede soon! Can anyone tell me if Chatuchak is open again? Heard it was closed the past few weeks due to the flood.. ohman, platinum + chatuchak are like my die-must-go places when i'm there!! Can't afford to miss ANY ONE OF THEM OUT :(

Lesson tmr ON A SATURDAY. That sucks. :(

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  1. why do u wanna work frolick? can u earn enough from there? cos i think you can get a better job :)