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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Edit// Actually... now I feel bad. Omg. I can never ever really be a bad person cuz i'm bloody soft hearted. And that's why I always forgive easily. Just happened to stumble on her blog today and read one of her post. Now I feel sorry for her as well. Honestly, you're right that the both of us are victims of this situation. You're right that P only cares about his face and his reputation. This, I totally agree. BUT OHWELLZ.

Joke!! Right after venting out on my twitter and my tumblr, she officially BLOCKED ME ON FB.. I think la uh. Hahaha ohwell, just as nice. Not able to view any shit from her = I won't have any reasons to be annoyed anymore. Seems like a good deal afterall. Heh.

Going for my jog now cuz P just said i'm getting fat a few days ago. boohoo~

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