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Saturday, October 15, 2011

When there's too much food

Met P last night for supper at Changi V! Damn sinful :( I can feel myself expanding sideways alreadyyy :'(

And I met Joel today for dinner + shopping for Steph's prezzie!!! Guys will always be guys huh.. always can't decide on what to get for girls! tsk~
Can't wait for her 21st birthday party!!! hiakkk ^^
IMG_1260 IMG_1262

We ate at Billy Bombers and the milkshakes there are the dope!!! And anw... as u can see.. sinful food AGAIN :(

Since scape is just beside cine, i popped by Red Mango for yogurt again! (!!!!) pui ttm~

Hokayz now it's time to starve myself for the next 4days!!! Actually i doubt i will slim down within 3-4days but ohwell, at least i'll try ;)

Been bbm-ing the whole night with my Erjie who's in London currently, & also whatsapp-ing my Dajie who now stays a few blocks away from me!
And my dearest Dajie is damn funny can... i was asking her where's my halloween outfit and see what she replied:

hehe opps i sort of revealed what i'm gon' dressed up as this year! :p
ARE U EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN?? Share with me what you gon' be dressed as! :D

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