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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hey it's already mid-week!

IMG_1268 IMG_1269
Had audition today!! *gasp* hahaha Christina was after me so we had a short chat while waiting for our turn!
We were both in uber bright colours coincidentally! :O


The audition went o-k-a-y other than for the fact that i was shivering most of the time (think... cold + nervous) haha the experience was great though i don't pin much hopes of getting in cuz my Q&A kind of suck :(

Then i met P for dinz @ Ah Loy Thai!
I miss thai food alot haha although i have resentment for anything that's related to Thai now ~.~
IMG_1277 IMG_1279


It's already the 3rd week, or is it the 4th week (??) into school and there's so much to do now even though i still seemed to be slacking my way through... Tutorials, assignments are stacking up, so TIME TO BUCK UP SHENNY YANG!!! Just had a quiz for Econs today and i was pretty ^^ that i got all correct, thumbs up for no careless mistakes! Urgh i remember the days when careless mistakes kill.. Wellz, can't wait for the weekend!! :D

Goodnight folks!

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