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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali!

This week is awesome cuz of the public holiday today, I only have 2 days of school!! Whooz! (wait.. must i go on on how i hate travelling to school :[ )
Met P last night and I met him today as well!! :D Awesomexzx.

Check out my black roots... hahaha they are srsly annoying the shit outta me! Really feel like utilising my birthday prezzie from jxbby to go dye my hair!! Ok no wait, shouldn't dye anymore cuz i dyed twice this year already. My hair is failing me :(
Ajisen for dinner cuz the boy wanted it~

Qixuan, Vivien and I were outside the lecture room yesterday while waiting for ours to start and it's quite cute to see our coincidentally-same-brand-of-bags all sitting side by side  hahah! Yay we the longchamp gang!! ^^


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