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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Behind the Scene

Monday was a great start to the week cuz msm lesson was cancelled!! *jumps* Not that i hate school, but i really hate travelling down to school (journey to the west~) + i really hate squeezing in the train/bus with the morning crowd too :(

Well, I still got up pretty early considering i slept at 4am on Sunday night to do a shoot for Sheltering Shield! Stay tuned for their new collection!! :D

IMG00843-20111010-1409 IMG00840-20111010-1407
Hope the pictures gon' turn out fine!!!

Then it was impromptu decision to crash Jan's lecture in NUS! Pretty cool, their lectures are only 1.5hrs! Compared to mine which is a damn 3hrs long lecture...... And omg the food there is really cheap!! Yong Tau Foo for only $2.25! Now i really think food in SIM are heavily overpriced.

After the lecture, we headed to town for dinner!!!

If you happened to be in Dhoby Ghaut area and have serious cravings for cheap & authentic Korean food, you MUST try Kim Dae Mun Korean Cuisine at the Concorde Hotel's food court! My favourite of all would be the potato pancake!!! I have serious cravings for it now :(
After dinz, i had yogurt from Red Mango! Got the Yogurt Muesli & it's super duper worth it! I think it's 5bux for original yogurt + 2 dry toppings + 1 fruit topping! Spells AWESOME~

Met Christina on tues to attend the talk together on transferring to study in the UK. Now our hopes are dashed... it's freaking $40k to study there for 9months :'( ohwell.. so now we are aiming for the summer exchange in LSE instead!

Then we had yogurt from a new branch in Clementi Mall and it has the same concept as like sogurt/swirl art etc. All i can say it's damnnnn ex (!!!!) and it's not super fantastic!
Need to watch my diet already, been eating SO MUCH recently and have major sweet tooth cravings for like... CUPCAKES!!!

Okay ciaos, frolick tmr!

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  1. it was great having lunch with you couz :) all the best for tomorrow!