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Monday, October 10, 2011

21 Facts About Me

  1. I forgive easily BUT I do not forget.
  2. I love receiving random sweet messages :)
  3. I love being clean/neat/tidy (my room is just an exception)
  4. I have 2 wardrobes, 1 shelf, 3 ikea cloth boxes, 1 luggage & 1 standing rack to house all my clothes. (But clothes still never seemed to be enough urghhh)
  5. My favourite number is 7.
  6. Surprisingly, my room isn't pink in colour O.o
  7. I always buy pretty bras on impulse then realised they're actually not really comfortable *chucks one side*
  8. I have big feet, local size 39. (don't judge!!!!!)
  9. I'm a UK size 8. (aiming to be UK6 go go go me!!) *pokes dream, it'll never come true~
  10. People always assumed i'm fierce/unfriendly/dao. Fact is, i'm really friendly and talkative.
  11. I'm not a BITCH. Period.
  12. Majoring in Banking and Finance now in University.
  13. I keep piggybank!!!!! *drops $1 a day kekeke
  14. I love Red Mango Original Yogurt!!!!!
  15. I don't party when school is on. (events/birthdays are also exceptions)
  16. I throw random tantrums/get into bad mood quite easily. But i'm also really truly apologetic for it when i'm back to my normal state. :(
  17. I always can't decide if i look best in bangs or side fringe. Or perhaps, no fringe. Likewise, black/brown/red hair? Long/medium/short hair? Straight/natural/curl? Life is stress.
  18. There's a sign on my room door that says "Princess Shenny's Room". I made it in Las Vegas and it is baby pink in colour. *bimbooo*
  19. I love cupcakes.
  20. I fart. Yes, I do. (HAHAHAHAA)
  21. I like licking P's nose and watch how he suffers *evil grins*
Hope you all got to know me a little more :D Now it's back to the books. My life last week was one of a rollercoaster ride, i practically couldn't concentrate at all I ended up missing out so much in terms of my schoolwork. Lots to catch up on. Lots of assignments/tutorials to do. :(

Happy 55th :)

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