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Thursday, September 22, 2011


This week has been great so far and life is kind of more-on-track. Kicked some people outta my life, a hang out with a good old friend and finally settled school stuffs, like some weird continuation fee that has to be paid to London through the vle which I don't have an account for. That sucks ok, have to go through all the hassle of emails and stuffs to get my account up and running. So anyway, I registered to attend this talk by this British Council on Advice to study in UK. It's even more exciting when i got to know that tangtang signed up for it too :D That aside, i signed up for a Career Preparation Workshop (Interviewing & first impression, resume writing, job search techniques & methods) as well. Wooo this is really so not me but i think it's time I do something about my future, especially after a talk with P sometime ago. So many plans i have in mind now, which includes summer exchange in Korea + internship at the end of Year 2. Yes go me go me.

I seriously can't wait to start school. I don't like the studying part, but i miss going to school, seeing my friends, making new friends, lunch dates, studying dates, catching my friends snoozing in lectures, camwhore sessions and of cuz, dressing up for school :D teeheehee. Am also thinking of joining something in school, to build up my resume... like perhaps.. Student Council? It seems fun, but i'm afraid it'd be too busy and takes up too much of my time. Then again, it's good to be busy huh so i'll have less time for myself, and be able to fight that urge of wanting to meet P. heh.

Gonna meet tangtang on Friday for movie+dinner date, flb flea before a bbq date with my uni friends on Sat (how come they no thank me, i went through so much to organise this yknow!!!!!) and chompchomp on tuesday with my bbygirls!! :D Wah awesome days ahead :)
And oh, last week i had this sudden urge of cutting short hair. Now, i can't wait for my bangs to grow. All the tumblr pictures so prettyyyyy i want hair like theirs!!! ~.~ Ok back to editing my Europe pictures, more tumblr-ing, catch some sleep before it's frolick again!

Looking forward to the 10th of next month. Cause that will be the day I shall decide if this wait is still worth waiting for..

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