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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sometimes all you need is to be away from everyone for sometime to know who and what you really want. I'm really glad this trip to Europe for a month made me realised that. And now, there's just full of regrets. All i can do is to try my best to save everything, and i keep telling myself i can do this, we can do this. Can we? But i'm starting to be tired from trying. To face this coldness of yours. To know that you would no longer be there when i need you. To know that I'm no longer a part in your hectic schedule. I need you to be physically and emotionally there for me, which i don't get anymore. You said you missed me, but did you even try talking to me? I still love you. But what do i do now? Is it really time that i should let things go?

I miss you my babyboy, even though you're just right behind me now. Sigh, it's all my fault.

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