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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dance Dance - Dancing in the Dark

IMG_0947 IMG_0950

Went to phuture yesterday since school is starting really really soon..
Sigh kinda sad that it's like the last few chances to party already cuz i'm not the kind who would party often when school is on~
Yanzhen &Jasmine supposed to be with us toooo but both of them pangseh :( So left with Cass&Huizhen!





Frolick babies :)

And  i cooked for Friday's dinner :D
Creamy Carbonara sauce Pasta with Frankfurt Sausages from Germany, Wild Mushrooms, Onions and fried chicken!
Then i surprised Pierre over at his office for supper while he's working :D
Stayed tgt with him in the office till like 5am? Thank god for tumblr and my korean drama to keep me accompany :)

Next week's gonna be a busy weeeeek. Working like 6days omg but okay i shouldnt complain cuz i really need $$$, too freaking broke after London's shopping. Speaking about that, hahahaha my loots are all still nicely packed in the paper bags... NEED to pack my clothes before school starts, period.


  1. Is the guy in your first photo your eye-candy from school? Hehee. Your dinner looks yummy by the way!

  2. Hahaha no he's not my eye candy! he's Pierre's good friend :) im not friends with my eye candy (thats why it's eye candy uhh haha)! Thanks!! It tastes yummy too :D