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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cass1 cass3
Cassbby who came over my house the next day after i came back from London!! :)

IMG_0924 IMG_0926
& i met my lovely baby jx for supper the same day! Awww my friends are such sweeties :D

Can't exactly recalled what happened but Friday was a super impromptu decision to Zouk! Prolly cuz Yanzhen & I were feeling pretty down, and cosmic gate was in zouk + Dickson could get us in free :D
Heh Dickson even brought his own Martell hahaha + he drank 40 apple shooters that night i think. Crazy guy~
IMG_0932 IMG_0936

it was a funnnnnnnnn night hehe it started out as us 3, but more friends came and we formed this mega huge circle that literally blocked the whole walking passage lol.


Then it was Shaun's birthday on Saturday!
So many people couldn't make it, i was the only girl from our Uni that night :( Thank god Cassbby accompanied me to the party hehehe. What a crazyyy night seriously~


So anyway, lots of people been asking what camera i've been using for all my pictures especially for my London/Phuket trip.. so this is it: CANON IXUS 130. It is just a typical digital camera, and i think the latest model is Ixus 210 which has a wider angle than my 130. I guess no matter which camera you're using, it really boils down to your photography skills and picture editing. Still, i love my ixus 130 alot. It's light, slim and so easy to use rather than the usual bulky dslr. Hope you guys had an awesome Wednesday. Mine suck cuz I slept at 10am and woke up at 6pm, that is like... 3/4 of the day gone. GREAT.

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