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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ai Xin Breakkie

Cut out pieces of bread in heart shapes awwww kawaii huh

Dragged myself out of bed at like 5am though i was sick to make breakfast for my mummy before she left home for work! :D
I was so sick &tired last night i fell asleep at 8.30pm ok!!!
Oh the white batter in the bowl is the Pancake Mix! Just gotta buy the mix, add in some water &egg and you're all set to cook!! Tastes quite good actually especially with honey :D

Breakfast for mummy! Didn't have the time to cook eggs so I put butter&peanutbutter inside the bread!

Went off to bed again for another 1hr before waking up again to cook breakfast round 2!

Breakfast for my Dear P!

It's so difficult to make them into a full round circle :( I tried my best... heh!

Egg Sandwich, Sausage, Bacon, Pancakes and Strawberries! All made with love and had them delivered to P's house &had breakfast with him :D

I really do regret the things i do. It's foolish of me to let go of something... that I've ever wanted. Now it's so hard getting you back. I really regretted leaving you. But is it too late to realise it now? I'm so sorry for betraying your trust in me, sorry to destroy this love we had. I may still look like i'm cheery and all, that's just cuz i kept all my emotions to myself & i don't want anyone to worry for me, esp friends and family. How many nights do i cry myself to sleep, wanting to hear your voice so much before i go to bed like how i used to. Everytime when i get to see you, my heart skipped a little, &when you give me your cute lil smile, i melt a whole lot. This is how much i still love you so dearly.. But everytime you give me the cold shoulders, and all your rejections. My heart died a little day by day. I think i'm so getting used to this heartache.

Throughout the car journey today, all i could do was to look at you silently. But my heart was bleeding, and crying so loudly.


  1. HIHI! (:
    how you cut out the break into heart shapes?! teach me pls! i wanna do it for my boyf too hehehehe!