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Sunday, August 07, 2011

So many meetups so lil' time

IMG_8879 IMG_8876
Shirtdress: Therobotninjas
Belt: Vintage from mummy!

Anw, met Jo on friday for dinner at Sushi Tei in town!
IMG_8882 IMG_8886

a b

Hah only 2 stomachs but so much food.... so damn sinful~


IMG_8906 IMG_8904


Ended up feeling likka balloon after the dinner, full ttm!!!

Then met Cass & friend for some impromptu decision to Zouk! hehehehee


Then today had supper with my favourite uni friends @ Geylang 126!!



Then we went to people-watch those girls, heh, likey when all my guy friends are so protective of me! Like i'm some xiaomeimei ;)
Friggin love every single one of my uni friends man, honestly, these bunch are those friends who really care about me, & all of them took really great care of me during my birthday party.. heh so ended up treating them to this dimsum meal!

I really thank God for all these different group of good friends who've been around me cheering me up, encouraging me, accompanying me and all esp now at my lowest point in life, thankyou guys!!!!

Aiyoyoyoooo 5more days to Europe & i have no itinerary at all. Best.

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