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Friday, June 24, 2011

Yet another night of partying~

IMG_7932 IMG_7934

Huizhen, Michtong & Cassbby!!! :)

& Jennica!
IMG_7943 IMG_7940

IMG_7945 IMG_7944

omg Peiling so qt pie!!! :)

IMG_7957 IMG_7950



IMG_7958 IMG_7960

with Joven! Wo de new found hao peng you!

ok see this pic i damn sad cuz did y'all realised my necklace is gone???? :'(
The necklace snapped halfway while i was walking out of the club.... major :'( :'( !!!! I love this necklace alot cuz it matches well with most outfits... HAI SIGH~


And then supper with Cass, Joven and Rayson!!

Omg my life now is so predictable~ like working 24/7, meeting Cass almost every single fuggin day and it seems like we're never sian of each other hehehe and of cuz, clubbing on the weekends! Haha even yj says he wanna box Cass up the next time he sees her cuz she's like taking away all of my time HAHAHAHA

Okay dokey gotta sleep nowz! Meeeting cass (AGAIN I KNOW) tmr for some shopping at city plaza & then we're gonn work together at tamp1! Come visit ok???


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