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Friday, June 03, 2011

Phuket Day 3

Almost going 2mths since my Phuket trip but nevertheless, this is Day 3 in Phuket!
Visited James Bond Island!
All the limestones, caves, canoeing and yadayada~~

Picture 193 Picture 194

Not on a speedboat this time round. They call this the 'big boat' though~

Picture 196 Picture 195

Picture 198

Finally reached the first destination, forgot the name of this island but anyway, we did canoeing!
As in there'll be people canoeing the both of us luh!
Lucky us we got the tour guide of this day tour to bring us around! At least he speaks better english and it's so much more easier to communicate!

Picture 200

on the canoe!!
Picture 202

Yuppp entering the caveeeeee.....
hahaha very cool one lor, like entering right, u need to lie down on the canoe? Else will hit ur head and such... so after lying down for a moment and exiting the cave.... you'll be welcome by this...
Picture 205

hahahah like shooting some movie haha!

Picture 206

Camwhore (and yep didnt draw my brows hahahaha we woke up damn late can!?)

Picture 210

Picture 222 Picture 216

Picture 218

Picture 220

Picture 225

more caves.....
Picture 227 Picture 226

Picture 230 Picture 234

Picture 237 Picture 235

Oh anyway, meet Johnny!!! He's our tour guide for the day + our canoeist!

Picture 238 Picture 241

What's this thingy called anyway?

Then we finally reached James Bond Island!

Nothing much fanciful lah, just cuz they filmed some parts of the James Bond movie here so it became overated.
Kinda boring here if u were to ask me + damn hot. Eeks.

Picture 244

Picture 250

Picture 251

Picture 253

Picture 261 Picture 264

Yuppp this is the rock that made the island here so famous HAHAHA ohwell since already here must camwhore more with the famous rock~

Picture 267

Picture 268

Picture 270


Picture 275

Picture 278


Picture 279

After the day tour, went back to hotel and our dj friend came to pick us up to send us to the weekend night market!
Kinda nice over there but too bad we had no time to shop!

Picture 294 Picture 293


Happened to drive past the dj's house too so we went in to take a look.....

We asked if his house is big and he's like "not big not big"~

Picture 295

his kawaii dog

OH BTW.....

If this house is not big then what is big!?
Picture 298

SERIOUSLY LOR hahah too humble already
wait till he see our SG houses =.=
Anyway some loots from the night market!!

Picture 304

Picture 305

Cute?? got them for my uni friends :)

Then we were supposed to meet Johnny (our tour guide) for party at night but walau he ultra mega pangseh us can!!!
Make us wait/call/find him but to no avail, just damn sian

So end up we went Seduction again~

Picture 299 Picture 302

Picture 303

& this was also the night that everything happened ;(

ok so next day, we FINALLY managed to visit Patong Beach.

HAHAHA LIKE SERIOUSLY.... only on the last day then we managed to visit the famous lively beach!!
hahaha moreover it's only 5-10mins walk from our hotel =.=
Picture 306

lotsa ang mohs
Picture 308

Picture 309

Picture 310

only on the last day then we have time to do foot massage too...
what is this.......

Picture 316

& some souvenirs for the frolick girls.....
Yuppp when all was still good~~~

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