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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lazy Wednesday

Hello all!
Just came back from Hangover 2 with the boy just now.... it was not too bad but the first part was much better i feel~ Oh! I caught The Hangover 1 just this afternoon, while i was painting my toe nails hehe :) It feels good to wake up late, doing nothing but just lazing all day then catching a movie at night! Hardly having time for myself these days since i've been working too much :o



Wanted to do pedicure the other time when i was in JB but sadly the shop was closed when I reached T_T
Mmmm and i was planning to head down to FEP for pedicure + do some shopping since it's the GREAT SINGAPORE SALES!!!! (k i haven't been shopping k!! been controlling to save $$ for bkk!!) Then again, it's off day and all i want to do is stay at home y'know kinda feeling? hahaha so i decided to paint my toes myself. Nice??? K i suck in painting toe nails i admit first. I can only paint fingernails better. Mehhhh~

Had Astons after the movie :D

First time trying Astons steak which is............ rather not good i feel? But okay lah given the price, just can't complain much ;)


and my favourite dish!! Teriyaki Chicken!!! YUMZZZ~

And oh! I finally changed my bb housing!
Thanks to Brett who came down frolick twice to help me fixed it :D XIE XIE NI~~
U can visit his website at :)



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Yup and just finished practising dancing!!! So fun :D

Oh and i'm so excited for my 21st! Met the coordinator to discuss alrrr yay it's gonna be so fun :D
Venue booked and i've churned out the guest list too! All i need to do now is set up an event on fb & start inviting :D I hope everyone that i'm inviting can turn up man then it's gonna be so much funnnnn :D Opps the only thing now is the.... THEME for my 21st. I don't have any idea man. Slumber party? Nayyy too common. Sailor theme? Common too. ARGH.

Any good ideas to share anyoneee??? :(

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