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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I miss you

I miss...
those times when we could share everything under the sun,
times we would share our clothes,
times we had stayovers at each other's place,
times we went partying together,
times we go on a window shopping spree just cuz we are both broke,
times i played with smelly momo at your place,
times we snacked our fav cup noodles at wee hours,
times we talked and planned about our overseas trips,
times we bitched about other people.
times we said we should go overseas together as a group with our partner,
times you would just come over to my place for some volleyball,
times we used to work tgt in frolick,
times we would always call each other to talk on the phone,
times we talked about who's gonna get married first,
times we talked on how we gon' let our children be best friends
times we talked about how we still gon' meet up when we are 60 years old and go yum-cha...

I miss about everything when everything was still so fuckin' perfect.

But everything seems so far away now.
To think about how you walked past frolick the other day, and all we could manage to do is just a mere wave and hi. Isn't it sad?

I would really want to ask you out, but i'm afraid of awkwardness, silence...
Maybe we are just waiting for one another to take the first move to ask each other out.
Or maybe we could really get used to this life without the accompany of each other. I mean, our lives now, still kinda happy right? You got closer to some friends, while i got closer to others. We made new friends along the way too.

It's just kinda saddening that whatever we know bout each other now, are through twitter/common friends etc. We no longer share secrets with one another,

Well, that said, i just wanna say...

I miss you, Stef.

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