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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post Exam Parties!!

Attica last last friday!

IMG_1058 IMG_1062


IMG_1064 IMG_1066

yay hehehe love u my jxbby!!!! July coming soon okayyyyyy ^^

Then Phuture last wed for ladies night!!!
IMG_1078 IMG_1080

IMG_1085 IMG_1083

yanzhen why u left so early that night!!! no chance to see kawaii lehhhh!!! hehehehe
IMG_1088 IMG_1092

ai ni men!
IMG_1099 IMG_1095

IMG_1100 IMG_1108

dress from therobotninjas!


omg my fringe is uber irritating~~~
IMG_1114 IMG_1109



It was so hot and we were all sweating hahah we decided to all tie up our hair :p

Life's been gooood :) hehehhe

Anyway, really pardon me for not blogging :( not like i want to.... but srsly i have work ALMOST every single day (like 6days/week) =.= although frolick's not a tiring job, but sometimes working consectutively for a few days is kinda taxing too. All i want to do when i reach home is to bathe and ZZZZ~ i dont even have time for the internet (facebook etc) much less blogging :(
But nevertheless i'll try my best hokayzzzz!!!

Gotta head out soon! Bye people :)

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