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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soul Out

So every Friday is my date with bb and we're supposed to each take turns to plan on where to eat/where to go etc.
This week is my turn and as usual i'll always search on hungrygowhere for deals! Came across this place called "Soul Out", and reviews were not bad so we decided to try it out!

It's at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 so its kinda ulu ulu place u know! Rly need to have a car to reach that place!
I likey the place cuz it's kinda relaxing, a nice place to chill out and do star gazings at night!!

IMG_0957 IMG_0953


Yup lots of people brought their pets along too!

Ok so we ordered...
CHICKEN WINGS!!!! omgg its damn nice i swear i wanna have one right nowwwww :(


I had sambal sotong rice.... not that bad! And according to the reviews they said its damn spicy, so i requested for less spicy right... but then in the end it's still DAMN SPICY!!!!
Literally tongue burningggg ahhhh~~~

bb ordered the deal of the day, black peppar hotplate chix.... which is also... DAMN SPICY!!!

IMG_0966 IMG_0969
hahaha can u see bb's reaction like "omg spicy spicy spicy" kinda look? hahahahaha

Seeing these pictures, i'm really glad bb has stood by me all these years, like... 4 damn god long years. I know i have this attitude problem (actually i dont rly think so lah) but my mum and sisters have always been telling me that i'm really fortunate to have Pierre as my bf, someone who's able to tolerate my temper, attitude, nonsense and whatnot and still loving me this much.
Yesterday, someone told me that "without Steph, honestly u have no one else, other than your bf".... that struck me abit. I really thought for a moment, who else are my really good/best friends? I've always acknowledged Steph as my best friend all these years so suddenly if u were to take her out of the picture... Yes it may seemed like so. Then again, i have my family. My parents who love me, my sisters who always care for me. When i was all down and low, feeling fucking sad and miserable, there came all the tweets/texts/bbm from my friends asking me to cheer up. And then HEY, i still do have friends who care for me, ain't it? Like my darling JingXuan, sweetie Colette who met up with me at 2am just to lend me a listening ear... and finally i've got someone who can see it from my point of view and tried to understand the whole damn situation.
And btw, please don't try to ask me what has happened because if u're not close to me, high chances is that i'll prolly not share it with u. The story is too long to begin with. Y'know even Pierre doesn't know what i've been crying for over these 2 days... I just feel unfair for myself since those who are disliking me, accusing me now, only heard one side of the story. The story from her point of view, and not mine. Yes our stories content may be the same, but then it's like the way we think/feel and sort?
Then, i dont understand why some people just have to poke their nose into this whole damn affair, which only involves me and Steph. Here i am, trying to clear things out with her, definitely i'll have to confront her and talk things out, no? There u are accusing me of me hurting Steph and all.... u think when i was typing all the msgs i wasn't crying? U think i don't feel hurt and all? U just keep pointing ur muthafugging finger at me like "ure in the wrong and stop making Steph cry" like hello??? Who are u to say all these in the first place? I told u not to say sarcastic remarks to me anymore and u claimed that u're not... oh please, if it isn't, why send me such msgs like "do u know everyone is laughing at you right now? fyi, i'm not the only one butting in :)" still come one smiley face tell me is not sarcastic is what!?
You're definitely not there when everything happened, you're also out of this 8years friendship i had with Steph so why cant u stfu but instead, keep msging me and asking to fanxing, stop hurting steph, think about what i said, stop doing this and stop doing that blehblahplak URGH!
Sigh ok I'm getting annoyed, sad and frustrated. It really isn't helping also when my exams are in 10 DAYS TIME. WOW. TIME FLIES... REALLY.....
Ok so the conclusion for now IS.......... We are gonna let things cool down and prolly talk again, after my exams.
Right now, nothing matters more than my shitty exams.

Anw, sidetrack a lil, i just found out i can actually make it for the Full Moon Party this coming May! Anyone wants to go Phuket with me??? I need a new buddy ^^ interested plz lmk ok but no strangers plzzz!!! ^^

Edit/ My Grandpa just passed away last midnight..... Sighhhh why all the shit happening to me all at once. FML SERIOUSLY.
To my Grandpa up there in Heaven, I know it's too late to say now, but i really love u dearly. And i know u'll definitely be happy up there, overlooking and taking care each and everyone of us :) And to my Grandma... stay strong ok? It really hurts me to see u breaking down today. Sighhhhh~ life is so... so damn fragile...


  1. Hi Shenny, I have been your reader for quite some time now and realised that maybe sometimes you should really listen to the voices of others instead of trying to think that you're right all the time? I don't know what exactly happened of course, but you know, sometimes it takes two hands to clap, and nothing can be entirely the other person's fault.

    I think it is also very rude of you to post stuff which your "friend" or whoever that is sentences on your blog. Have you ever thought that maybe when you do this, the other party and others will judge you even more since they already have a bad impression of you? There must be a reason why they all have a bad impression of you right?

    This is just my penny of thoughts. Hope you take it into consideration. :)

  2. Yup i know and i did listen to what the other person has got to say. But then imo what she said isnt entirely correct too... and what happened between me and Steph, i have apologised to her a million times and i told her that i understand how she felt at that point of time. I did put myself in her shoes okay, idk why everyone seems to put all the blame on me.

  3. Quarrels are never fun. I can only imagine how much energy and focus it's draining away from you. I think it's a gd decision not to share the details otherwise the people involved might get even more upset. And i can understand how annoying it is to hv everyone else support the other party & treat you as the 'enemy'. Anyhow i hope that you'll be able to solve this problem with your best friend. Show her through your effort & sincerity that you're truly apologetic and give it time, time heals all wounds! In the meantime, jiayou for exams!

  4. Omg yes finally someone who feels me again :) Anw thanks alot!!!! I'll rly hope i'll do well for my exams though i'm havent been really putting in the effort :( arggghhh!!